CCHAOS Launches Wellness Policy Promotion Program.

As part of our healthy lifestyle outreach program, CCHAOS is mentoring the adoption of Wellness Policies by local service organizations and nonprofits.

Below is a draft being considered by Chico Grange Hall # 486.


Wellness Policy of the Chico Grange #486

Chico Grange #486 recognizes the devastating impact of low quality industrial convenience foods on the health of America, exemplified by the pandemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases.

Therefore, in line with the founding principles of the Grange, its history and tradition:


  1. Chico Grange #486 dedicates this kitchen and facilities to the health of our community.
  2. Chico Grange #486 recognizes, encourages, commends, and supports the community impact of other charitable, religious, and social service organizations who  in addition to their stated purpose, adopt, display and activate their own wellness policies, such as these, within their own organization.
  3. Chico Grange #486 encourages the elimination or significant reduction in preparation, use and/or consumption of highly processed and packaged foods and food products which contain GMOs, hydrogenated oils, white flour, sweeteners, salt, and artificial coloring and flavoring.
  4. Chico Grange #486 endorses and encourages the use of this kitchen, these halls, and these grounds to the education and practice of resource stewardship, proper hygiene, and development of those culinary art skills which integrate the preparation and consumption of locally grown whole fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts, herbs and spices, and quality free-range produced and humanely harvested animals and products.